Success is determined by the client, for the client.

CoreLogis executives work with senior business leaders to craft flexible strategies that result in rapid benefits at lower initial costs. CoreLogis uncovers options that enable the client to bring a asset management solution in-house, or to have it professionally managed by CoreLogis or other service providers.

CoreLogis can provide the following value-added services in support of operational goals:

  • Outsourced managed IT Applications services
  • Software application development
  • Senior-level project management/process/strategy consulting
  • Business analysis/process and technology optimization
  • Visibility/real-time operational oversight, key performance indicators, executive dashboard
  • Vendor/partner alignment/integration
  • Financial impact, investment/investor overview,
  • Executive dialogue/visioning/strategy

Our process presents two paths to success:

This option enables the client to become totally self-sufficient, bringing enabling technology in-house and designing process and systems improvements from a highly integrated process and systems foundation

Clients focused on core competencies can leave complex technology issues to CoreLogis. Support is available 24/7 through a combination of managed services offerings.