CoreLogis Unveils Two Logistics Management Systems at Modern Day Marine

Robust Inventory Database Scores Success for USMC Programs


Columbus, OH – September 23, 2013 – CoreLogis LLC, a woman owned small business serving Federal Government and Defense Agencies to manage billions of dollars’ worth of government assets, unveiled CoreAsset™ equipment lifecycle management solution and CoreVista™ asset management technologies as government reinforces the need for 24-hour visibility into inventory management, mission readiness and acquisition trends and costs.

CoreVista™ — a single site asset management solution formerly known as Vista Asset Management™ — has been operated and managed by CoreLogis since 2005. The company acquired the technology in 2009 as Department of Defense agencies realized its unique value in managing every issue, move, recall and return of items assigned to individual warfighters.

“The logistics last mile – the cross road that connects the individual directly to an item – has historically been the most complicated link in government’s global supply chain,” said CoreLogis Principal and Managing Member Lisa Lawless. “We’ve witnessed program decision-makers disregard systems proffered by new contractors to retain features and benefits unique to CoreVista™.”

In 2010, as part of a USMC solicitation effort, Marine Corps Logistics Command (LOGCOM) singled out asset tracking and visibility systems as the “the single most critical tool” that a contractor could bring to win a multi-million dollar contract award for its Consolidated Storage Program. CoreVista™ was retained as the de facto system of choice upon award.

CoreVista™ inverts the tracking of items as well as key information points found in conventional asset management solutions. Its architectural epicenter – the individual customer – identifies unique items assigned to an individual. It validates its location, availability, serviceability and condition in preparation for an accurate and expeditious release to the customer. CoreVista™ maps work flow, functionality and reporting from this focal point, ensuring warehouses, depots and issue points are properly stocked and ready to process issues and returns. Inventory accounting, tracking and intelligence amassed from individual records guide unit, division or executive insight, assessment and planning.

CoreAsset™ builds upon CoreVista’s™ architecture. It assimilates CoreVista’s™ asset management functionality to organize and manage the lifecycle of an item. Functionality unique to CoreAsset includes a maintenance and repair module with preventative scheduling, warranty management and equipment calibration. Its training module records workforce certifications and requirements, class schedules and lesson plans, assisting managers in assigning work orders based on capability while enhancing material handling and operational safety. The E-Catalog component increases requisition accuracy by with includes digital product images, specifications, manufacturer detail and pricing.

Strategic functionality found in both systems real-time access to information globally, electronic purchase order and requisition authorization, chain of custody control and intelligence for each item as well as executive dashboards and reports. Both systems can be accessed 24/7 via the web: CoreAsset™ as a pay-as-you-go SaaS (software as a service) solution and CoreVista as PC client-based system that uses bolt-on technologies web-access technologies such as Citrix.

Additionally, both systems benefit from rigorous security testing. In 2011, the data center housing CoreVista™ was authorized to operate within a “.mil” environment in compliance Department of Defense Information Assurance (DIACAP) directives. The CoreVista framework used to meet DIACAP compliance is today CoreAsset’s™ architectural backbone

CoreVista has been deployed in warehouses around the world and manages billions of dollars’ worth of government inventory. CoreAsset is in operation as a private label solution for the USMC Chemical, Biological Incident Response Force.

About CoreLogis

CoreLogis LLC is a woman-owned small business (WOSB) serving the U.S. defense effort. Management brings more than three decades of supply chain, logistics and information technology expertise to develop comprehensive inventory, asset management and warehouse The company offers two commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions to manage highly complex items including Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Defense (CBRND) equipment as well as commonplace goods, materials and supplies. CoreLogis is a GSA IT 70 contract holder and is teamed with large primes on Seaport-E and MCLOGSS contract vehicles.

CoreLogis proudly supports the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army and the Defense Logistics Agency.