CoreLogis Private Labels Equipment Management System

Strengthens First Responder Readiness Against Chem-Bio Threats

Columbus, OH – September 1, 2013 – CoreLogis, LLC, a woman owned small business specializing in logistics and inventory management systems and solutions, recently launched its first private label software solution to Virginia-based Kalman and Company.

Kalman Equipment Management System (KEMS), a comprehensive asset lifecycle management system, was deployed on June 17, 2013, as part of Kalman’s new contract obligation under the USMC Chemical and Biological Incidence Response Force (CBIRF).

CBIRF is a life-saving organization made up of military, governmental, and civilian professionals that responds to short notice terrorist and/or explosive threats. The unit owns, operates, and maintains military and commercial radiological, biological, and chemical defense equipment, general support and medical equipment that must be available immediately upon notice. Success is contingent upon close interagency coordination with Federal, state, and local agencies; an unmatched level of equipment readiness; and effective collaboration with those who respond to high-yield explosives incidents.

“CBIRF has been vital to our national interests in the war on terror,” said Kalman and Company Vice President of Operations Kevin Brickhouse. “As such, a minimum 95 percent equipment readiness level around the clock, around the world is a mandate that must be met. However, it is Kalman’s intension to exceed that requirement and we will do so by leveraging KEMS as a strategic management tool for our team of experts.”

KEMS was constructed to address several strategic buy trends of the government. It utilizes Cloud architecture to expedite deployment, scale growth, and minimize up-front costs. Its Microsoft SharePoint interface, widely familiar to users across government agencies, simplifies adoption.

KEMS tracks each piece of equipment throughout its lifecycle. Inventory receipt and issue, status, availability and location are reported real-time. All maintenance and repair elements are managed and directed, including repair scheduling, parts availability, condition codes and alert notifications. The procurement module oversees requisition requests and fulfillment, item costs and/or price changes, manufacturer warranties and supplies as well as payment histories and trends.

Additionally, KEMS helps to ensure a high level of skills competency across the work force via the training module. Training classes, schedules and materials are listed for each user while certificates and accreditations are archived for management review and assessment.

KEMS is the private label version of CoreAsset™– CoreLogis’ newest software product on the market. The system bedrock, CoreLogis’ CoreVista™ (formerly known as Vista Asset Management), has served the USMC and assorted Federal agencies for more than a decade. CoreVista™ manages $7 billion in government property and oversees more than six million transactions annually. It enabled the USMC Individual Combat Equipment program to increase inventory accuracy from 80 to 99.998 percent while achieving accuracy in individual issues and returns of 99.97 percent.


About Kalman

Kalman and Company is a woman owned business founded by Barbara and Walter Kalman in 1987. The company provides program management, acquisition, logistics and business analytical services to both the Government and commercial sectors. Consulting services include Financial Management, Cost Benefit Analysis, Risk Analysis and Recommendations and Program Recognition and Resolution. Kalman was the recipient of the “Top 250 GSA” contractor award by the Federal Times in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. The company is headquartered in Virginia Beach and has offices in 14 locations throughout the U.S.

About CoreLogis

CoreLogis LLC is a WOSB serving the U.S. since 2005. Leveraging decades of supply chain, logistics and information technology expertise, CoreLogis develops inventory and asset management technologies including integrated warehouse, e-commerce and transportation solutions.

CoreVista™, our premier multi-directional asset transaction system has served the U.S. defense program since 2001. CoreVista™ completes the supply chain last mile. The framework pinpoints the needs of the individual warfighter and assures delivery of the right item to the right person at the right time. Each item issued, moved, or recalled is recorded and archived indefinitely until its return. The solution is globally deployed, provides real-time visibility via the web, and ably complies with the Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) security requirements.

CoreAsset™ builds upon CoreVista™ and offers a comprehensive inventory lifecycle management solution including repair and maintenance, procurement and finance, scheduling and training. Both systems manage highly complex items including chemical biological radiological nuclear defense (CBRND) equipment as well as commonplace goods, materials and supplies. CoreLogis proudly supports the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army and the Defense Logistics Agency.