Owner Biographies

Lisa Lawless


Lisa Lawless is the CEO of CoreLogis LLC, responsible for the IT logistic firm’s business strategy, marketing and business development, customer relations and contract management. She joined the company as Majority Owner in 2008 and has been instrumental in positioning CoreLogis to compete in the Federal, State and Local government marketplace.

During her tenure, Lisa has developed and solidified relationships with leading federal prime contractors. She has been credited with earning CoreLogis a place at the bidding table for multibillion-dollar Department of Defense contracting vehicles including Seaport-E, JE CLaSS and MCLOGSS. Lisa directs the day-to-day operations for remote staff working on government sites, and most recently lead the expansion CoreLogis’ offerings, adding Public Relations, Administrative and Professional Services to the list of CoreLogis’ capabilities.

Lisa’s career spans the spectrum of organizational types and phases of maturity. She has developed and implemented communications and market strategies for high tech business start-ups, IPOs and restructuring; presided over community advocacy programs for regional nonprofits; and directed national and international analyst, investor, employee and media relations programs for Fortune 500 businesses. Lisa has designed state and municipal grassroots awareness programs; managed national and international crisis communications campaigns.

Career highlights include leading the field communications strategy, tactics and messaging during a financial restructuring of a national telecom carrier; heading an employee relations campaign for a $2.7 billion international acquisition; directing new market expansions for an aggressive start-up; revitalizing the brand image of international express package carrier and aligning a dissparate internal and external communications program unifying 63 U.S. corporate markets.

Her resume includes work with Airborne Express, AT&T, Elmer’s Glue, DDB Needham, XO Communications, Holland America Cruises, California Division of Recycling, King County Solid Waste, ASARCO and the EPA on Superfund Clean Up, Ultimate Software, and Idaho Tourism Council/Idaho Lottery Commission. Lisa has also been honored with multiple industry and community awards and commendations.

As the mother of a child with Autism, she is a devoted advocate for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) research, education and treatment. Lisa has served as a Board Member, Committee Chair and Executive Advisor to nonprofit agencies including Children’s Hunger Alliance, Children’s Center for Developmental Enrichment; LifeCare Alliance, Oakstone Academy and Columbus Montessori Education Center. She also is a member of Women in Public Policy (WIPP), U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce (USWCC), the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) and Women in Defense (WID), Ohio Chapter.


Michael Chase


Mike Chase is president of CoreLogis, LLC – a woman-owned business specializing in logistics management, inventory, warehouse and asset management technologies. In 2001 Mike founded the company as the Spinnaker Group, Ltd., and has been instrumental in streamlining supply chain operations for the Department of Homeland Security and select Department of Defense agencies including the U.S. Marines, U.S. Army and U.S. Navy.

Mike brings nearly three decades of logistics know-how to the market. Today he is responsible for ongoing development of CoreLogis’ inventory and lifecycle management software solutions: CoreVista™ and CoreAsset™ respectively. Mike leads the company’s IT strategy and execution as well as its product road map. He formalized CoreLogis’ Help Desk and Programming services, and oversees all IT customer projects. Most recently, Mike was responsible for directing a multi-milliondollar effort to achieve DIACAP accreditation for a commercial data center hosting CoreLogis’ inventory management software.

Mike’s career has repeatedly placed him in the center of business strategy. As the former CIO at Sarcom, Inc., a $750 million IT value-added reseller, Mike lead all technology initiatives including the company’s total IT restructuring and dissection in support of four separate and unique business entities.

During a nine-year stint at Airborne Express – then the nation’s third largest express package and international freight forwarding corporation – Mike lead an operational turn-around of the carrier’s $100 million International Express division, reducing operating costs, introducing new products and reaping millions of dollars in both savings and new revenue for the division. Additionally, Mike was responsible for streamlining operations for the Latin America, Far East and Pacific region international gateways and serving as the operational business lead to Fortune 500 companies including Nike, IBM, and Mattel Toys.

Mike has provided strategic counsel and process change through virtually every business stage. He has directed new product development and deployment for Fortune companies and start-ups; he attracted multi-million dollar investments from venture capitalists and private investors and has received multiple honors for Information Technology and Process Improvement initiatives for nonprofit entities, emerging businesses and corporate leaders.

Mike has served as a IT committee member for multiple nonprofits and is actively involved in committed technology education to local school systems. He served for more than 14 years as a U.S. Army Helicopter pilot and instructor and is the father of six children.